Virtual Security Guarding Solutions

Remotely Monitored Detector-Activated CCTV Solutions as well as Key Holding, Mobile Patrol and Emergency Response Services Tailored Primarily For Construction Site Security.

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Bespoke Solutions

Affordable one-stop-shop physical security solutions tailored for the construction industry.

Regional Coverage

We cover most areas of the nation including all of London and the South East of England.

24/7 Control Room

Our own round-the-clock alarm receiving centre to instantly pick up and respond to incidents.

Professional Staff

We have a team of fully qualified virtual security guards trained to deal with any situation.

About Us

Who We Are

We are a physical security solutions provider specialising in the development, deployment and management of remotely monitored CCTV systems and their respective services designed and tailored primarily for the construction industry.

Pro-active Approach

We pro-actively manage risk and prevent the onslaught of potential risks including theft, sabotage, espionage, arson and vandalism.

Dynamic Systems

Our security systems are set up to instantly detect genuine threats and automatically generate real-time intrusion alarm notifications.

Technology Driven

We are always one step ahead in using the latest technology to provide the best possible solutions for your security requirements.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Our all-inclusive subscription-based model allows for greater payment flexibility and completely eliminates equipment ownership costs.

It is through innovative technology that we are able to provide a wide range of cost-effective solutions that pro-actively mitigate common construction site security threats.

Our Process

How We Work

We take time to fully understand and carefully assess your security problem in order to provide you with a fitting solution that not only meets your problem but one that in the long run also saves you considerable effort, time and money.


We carry out a site survey to understand your problem in detail.


We use the information gathered to design and develop a tailored solution.


We deploy and test the systems over which the solution will be delivered.


We activate the service and start pro-actively monitoring your site.

It usually takes us approximately 3 working days to carry out a site survey, design a favourable solution, deploy the appropriate systems and test the service before we sign it off as active.

Our Services

What We Do

We offer a wide range of value-added security services that will electronically flag up any potential threats as they approach the site perimeter, warn off any further advances towards the site perimeter and deploy response units should the threats prevail.

Video Surveillance

We deploy CCTV cameras around your site and carry out scheduled virtual security patrols at pre-defined hotspots.

Perimeter Protection

Amplified audio speakers and warning signs are strategically placed to deter any further site advances in the event of a breach.

Intrusion Detection

Our intelligent PIR sensors placed around all high-risk areas of the site instantly transmit triggered alarms in the event of an intrusion.

Key Holding

We provide professional keyholding services to securely store site keys at a local vault for easy access in the event of an emergency.

Mobile Patrols

We carry out scheduled as well as random visits for any sites on high alert or those deemed vulnerable during monitoring hours.

Emergency Response

We have 24/7 mobile patrol units on standby that are dispatched within minutes of identifying a genuine site intrusion.

We give you a web-based mobile or tablet application for you to remotely check in to your site from anywhere in the world where there is an internet connection.

Our Systems

What We Deploy

We understand the need for a typical construction site to continously evolve as it progresses and our solutions are developed from systems built by some of the most reliable specialists in the industry, including Hivkision, Dahua, GJD and Bold Communications to protect your premises at every phase of the project life cycle.

Managed Wired Security Systems

Include components that rely on hard wires to transmit data to and from deployed devices including CCTV cameras, video recorders, audio speaker systems and PIR sensors.

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Managed Wireless Security Systems

Include components that rely on wireless radio waves to transmit data to and from deployed devices including CCTV Cameras, control panels, keypads and PIR sensors.

In the unlikely event of an outage to our fully redundant internet enabled communication systems, we will deploy a an SIA licenced guard to cover the site until we resolve the issue.

Our Solution

How We Protect

We have used our wealth of experience built up over the years within the construction industry to develop an effective and robust site security solution that follows a logical set of straightforward processes to pro-actively deal with and mitigate potential threats as they begin to unfold.

Our Benefits

Why Choose Us

Our site security systems do come with a range of benefits that not only take into account the specific requirements of our clients but also offer some immediate operational advantages including effective site security management and reduced overall security overheads.

24 Hour Monitoring

The risk of missing incidents due to sleep or a lapse in concentration is greatly reduced as our CCTV systems are always on and operated 24/7 by shift-based virtual guards.

Greater Area Coverage

Our systems are designed to be scalable and more devices can be deployed to cover more hotspots within and around your site from potential threats at the same time.

Improved Communication

Our virtual security guards are able to collaborate with enforcement officers on the ground in real-time to give an accurate account of an incident as it unfolds.

Reduced Security Costs

Our subscription-based leasing model eliminates ownership costs by allowing you to pay a monthly rate for security services rather than own the security equipment.

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Need A Site Survey?

We can carry out a free no-obligation site survey and give you a quote within a day taking all your individual needs into account.

Our Pricing

What We Offer

We offer an all-inclusive subscription-based pricing solution that not only eliminates systems ownership costs like purchase, installation, maintenance, relocation and decommission costs but also helps you save on value-added services like key holding, mobile patrol and alarm response services.

Dedicated Account Managers

We give you a dedicated account manager as a first point of contact for any enquiries or queries.

24 Hour Service Support

We provide you with a service, technical and incident support line that you can call at any time.

Quarterly KPI Audits

We carry out periodical checks to ensure that our service is still in line with your requirements.

Detailed Incident Reports

In the event of an incident we will give a detailed written account including any video or data logs.

From£1.50/ hour


  • Systems Installations
  • Service Maintenance
  • Systems Relocations
  • Site Decommissions
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Our Projects

Our Recent Works


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A remotely monitored hard-wired physical security solution was designed and deployed to protect the site from known threats including burglaries and vandalism. The solution was able to monitor the site on a 24 hour basis, an option that saved the Quantity Surveyor up to 80% in overall security costs.


Image description

A battery-operated wireless physical security solution was designed and deployed to resolve the Project Manager's issue of having no AC power on site. The remotely monitored solution, which was rolled out in one day, was also able to stop two un-authorised intrusions within days of being deployed.


Image description

A remotely monitored hard-wired physical security solution was designed and deployed on a large project with wireless transimtters and receivers on either side of a busy council road that would have made any cable ducting across it a very costly and impractical option for the Quantity Surveyor.

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We do care for the wellbeing of our clients and that is why from time to time, we will endeavour to bring you news, views, updates and offers from the security and construction industries that we trust are be beneficial to the development and success of your business as well as your decision making process.

About Us

We are a virtual security guarding company specialising in remote monitoring solutions for the construction industry.

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